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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hijack! Continuity Marketing to Previous Clients with Skip Cohen

This post was on the After Capture blog and I thought it really hit home to the fact that our current clients can also be future clients. Do you have a marketing plan?

AC Blog

Continuity Marketing to Previous Clients

Posted on Mar 9, 06:37 AM by Skip Cohen

All professional photographers face the same challenge:

“What good is creating the greatest image of your life if you can’t sell it?”

Unfortunately the majority of professional photographers spend too much time focusing on their subjects and not enough time on a marketing plan. What’s even more pathetic is how simple it really is to go through the process. It’s just a matter of establishing a few goals and setting a few benchmarks to track how you’re doing.

Let’s start with a basic premise that everyone can relate to. Let’s assume you’re a wedding photographer with an interest in diversifying into children and family portraiture. Think about all the brides you photographed over the last year.

Here are some simple assumptions:

1) The majority of newlyweds start new families
2) The majority of newlyweds have their first child within 2-3 years
3) This only works if your brides have loved your work and the albums you’ve created

Now start thinking about the last time you did any serious marketing. If your clients loved your work, why not think about targeting all those new moms out there who already know you and trust you? Why wouldn’t you want to become this new family’s photographer for the rest of their lives?

Newlyweds start families – children create a need for professional portraiture – children become high school seniors – seniors become new brides and grooms – mom and dad become grandparents and the cycle starts all over again. Meanwhile, all along the way there are some ideal opportunities for portraits of soon-to-be moms, new babies, children, seniors, families and business headshots as Mom and Dad’s careers blossom. Sooner or later you’re right back to another bride in the cycle from a new generation.

Just like the family doctor, why shouldn’t you be the family’s photographer for the next few generations?

Remember, this is only a blog, but doesn’t it make sense? Next time, let’s take a shot at actually putting a marketing plan on paper.

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