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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Beverly Hills Hotel Wedding

One of my 2006 wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel ran as a Feature in the Orange County Brides magazine. They do a section called Real OC Weddings and even though BHH is not in OC...they ran Camile and John's Wedding!

Click on Camile and John to download the PDF... or HERE.


|| davidjay || said...

Rock on! That's awesome!

J Sandifer said...

Thanks DJ! Have fun in Europe!

lauren said...

I just saw your feature in this magazine, it has been sitting in my car for a few months and i went on a little road trip this weekend and bam..there you were! Congrats!Was she the Mom in the Wedding Crashers?

J Sandifer said...

Hey Lauren,
I do believe that she was in the Wedding Crashers and a few other movies in small roles.
I'm going to have to get a copy!

Ann Hamilton said...

Congrats, J!