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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Embedding Video in your Blog

So in my previous post Ron described some reasons for video's how!

The best way to upload video to your blog is to first publish the video on Simple Photo tv and then use the embed feature to grab the code. This way the whole community gets to benefit from your knowledge or experience. Dane Sanders has really lead the way in the video blogging photography world with Simple Photo Minute and TV.

Here Dane is describing how to do it himself:

I found a blog post by Chris Watson of Watson Videography on BanquetBuzz that talks about uploading directly from a file on your computer:

Get an FLV encoder: If you have the latest version of Flash, you should already have this. If not (like me), you can get a standalone encoder called the Flix On2 Encoder Standard ( for $39.

Encode your movie: The On2 encoder accepts just about every file format out there except for (sadly) HDV files.

Upload your .flv movie to your server

Go to to get your player and html code: Another videographer turned me on to this site and it's great for web dummies like myself. Just give it your file type, dimensions, embed options, etc. and it will make the html that you can copy and paste. Just make sure to uncheck "autostart" as it will automatically play once it's loaded which is not what you want.

Copy the html and paste in your blog and that's it!

Click here to check out this article on BanquetBuzz.

To edit your video or do a voice-over on a presentation I use some cheap software I found online called iShowU.

Hope this helps and gets you video blogging!

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