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I look for interesting details of the wedding market and report on them here. I have traveled the country this year speaking with many photographers about everything from workflow to marketing... Everyone I met was willing to participate in a meaningful way to the discussion of market trends. That showed me that you are all very passionate about the business of wedding photography! I will continue to report on trends here as I see them come up in the industry. Please bookmark my blog, pass it around to friends and of course comment on what you find here! Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate your time! Putting together a new blog over at so will be slowly transitioning to that!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Build Your Business with Video Blogging

I found this article by our new friends Ron and Tasra Dawson of Cinematic Studios in San Francisco. Ron is a terrific videographer and is taking some of the marketing techniques being applied in the wedding photography market to the videographers. With Ron leading the way we had better watch out!

This is a segment of his article:

Five Goals of a Blog
The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful. Here are five things you can expect a good blog to build for you and your business:
• The Traffic: Every small business wants to increase traffic to its site and gain more qualified leads. Blogs build traffic through higher search-engine rankings and results.
• The List: The reason to generate traffic is to begin building a list of qualified clients or prospects. These leads are low-hanging fruit, and small businesses are much more successful when they cultivate their current client list.
• The Expert: A blog is your calling card. It showcases you as an expert and can help you achieve expert status in the eyes of your readers. In The Weblog Handbook, author Rebecca Blood writes, "Individuals whose weblogs focus on a particular topic become known as experts in their field. Providing a reliable resource for news about a certain topic is enough to gain you a dependable following among fellow professionals or aficionados."
• The Brand: The reputation-building blog is vastly more concerned with its audience than any other type. Celebrities and pro athletes, newspapers and mass media outlets are bloggers too. It's not about equipment; it's about personality.
• The Sales: Blogging builds connections—sponsorship from manufacturers, referrals from other vendors, and new clients. If you have loyal blog readers or fans, when they need your service, it will be a small step for them to choose you for the job.

Ron & Tasra Dawson | Blogs are here to stay. Every day, they become more popular and more embedded in our society. Particularly if you’re in a socially oriented business like wedding and event videography, blogs will be both an invaluable and, dare we say, mandatory addition to your marketing repertoire.

Thanks for your continued inspiration Ron!

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Ron Dawson said...

J. Thanks for the props. But much credit for the article has to go to my beautiful wife. She's the blog expert in our family.