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I look for interesting details of the wedding market and report on them here. I have traveled the country this year speaking with many photographers about everything from workflow to marketing... Everyone I met was willing to participate in a meaningful way to the discussion of market trends. That showed me that you are all very passionate about the business of wedding photography! I will continue to report on trends here as I see them come up in the industry. Please bookmark my blog, pass it around to friends and of course comment on what you find here! Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate your time! Putting together a new blog over at so will be slowly transitioning to that!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Moving from LA to Porland ME...yes Portland Maine!

Currently on the road...3098 miles of travel to Portland ME!
Visiting parents in PHX, brother in Steamboat, grandma in Louisville and my sister in Cincy on the way. Here are some pics of Em and I in Moab--if you haven't been there, you're missing one of the most beautiful places in the country.