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I look for interesting details of the wedding market and report on them here. I have traveled the country this year speaking with many photographers about everything from workflow to marketing... Everyone I met was willing to participate in a meaningful way to the discussion of market trends. That showed me that you are all very passionate about the business of wedding photography! I will continue to report on trends here as I see them come up in the industry. Please bookmark my blog, pass it around to friends and of course comment on what you find here! Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate your time! Putting together a new blog over at so will be slowly transitioning to that!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wedding of Rachelle and Chris

This is a young couple who truely have a bright future ahead of them!

We stopped at the Gettty for a few shoots before moving on to the reception at Mountain Gate Country Club.

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amynave said...

Hey J!!!!!!!!!!
How are ya?

Love the image with the orange background. It totally grabbed my eye.

Hey are you gonna be at Partnercon?